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Hows Your Homes Indoor Air Quality?

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Experts in Greensburg Pa North Huntingdon Pa Murrysville Pa and Surrounding Areas

Many homeowners only think of temperature when it comes to controlling comfort, but your indoor air quality also plays a role. The Heating and Air Conditioning Experts offers a variety of HVAC indoor air quality specialist services to keep your home comfortable while improving the quality of the air you breathe indoors. Indoor air quality is an essential element to your comfort and health, and we want to help you improve yours. 

Indoor Air Quality: What It Means to You and Your Family

As you might figure out, indoor air quality is all about the quality of the air inside your living spaces. It goes unseen, which is why it’s usually not on the minds of most homeowners. Unfortunately, neglecting your indoor air quality can have a negative effect on your health and home. Poor air quality can affect your health by increasing the occurrence of allergy, asthma, and respiratory symptoms. Improving your air quality with indoor air quality specialist by adding an air purifier can make a huge difference in your family’s health and comfort.

Indoor Air Quality: Why Its Important 

Because of the lack of ventilation indoors, the contaminants are trapped inside with you. Certain contaminants can cause a higher occurrence of asthma and allergy symptoms, worsen respiratory issues, or cause more serious problems.

Poor indoor air quality can cause problems even in the healthiest of people. If you’re experiencing cold-like symptoms, it may not be because of a common cold; these symptoms can be caused by poor air quality. Because these symptoms are typically associated with colds, they’re easily overlooked, and so are air quality problems. If you or a family member is experiencing ongoing cold-like symptoms, don’t ignore the possibility that your air quality could be to blame. You can contact with air quality specialist experts for a better knowledge.

Common pollutants found in Greensburg Pa North Huntingdon Pa Murrysville Pa and surrounding areas that worsen indoor air quality include:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
  • Microbial growth
  • Dirt
  • Covid 19

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Whats in Your Homes Air Quality
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Improve Your Homes Air Quality

How to Fix Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Specializing in service and repair of new and old Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

I WAVE Air Purifier

Pollutants, dust, dander, pollen, smoke and even pathogens such as mold, viruses and bacteria all can be suspended in the air you breathe, even when you don't see them. An I WAVE Air Purifier installs in your HVAC system to clean your air in your living space and improve your indoor air quality. They can be installed on any Furnace or Air Handler. Check out the special offer by contacting our air quality specialist. This has been tested to kill covid 19 within 30 minutes of running.

Aprilaire Furnace Filter Cabinet

Aprilaire Furnace Filter Cabinet works to remove harmful particulates from your home’s air such as mold, pet dander, airborne viruses, pollen, and odors to improve your indoor air quality. They can be installed on any HVAC furnace or Air Handler.

Aprilaire furnace cabinet
Aprilaire Fresh Air Ventilator

Aprilaire Fresh Air Ventilator

Tired of feeling cooped up in your home when the HVAC system is running. Aprilaire's fresh air ventilator works by bringing in fresh air from the outside and improving your indoor air quality, we can dilute trapped airborne contaminants like allergens, chemicals, viruses and bacteria, and radon. Contaminants that can make you and your family ill. Ventilation systems with the help of air quality specialist also help push out trapped humid air outside to help improve indoor comfort and health. They can be added to any ductwork HVAC system.

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Air Quality Services

We offer many products that can improve your home's indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, viruses, smoke, and Harmful bacteria from your duct system.

Air Quality Experts

We offer many different products to improve your homes indoor air quality including Humidifiers, Air Purification systems, UV Lights, and Media Filter Cabinets
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