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Heating Services

We understand that a Broken Heating System is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. That's why we're open 24 hours, so we can be there for you when you need our services. Types of furnaces we service Natural Gas, Oil, Propane, Electric

Heating Experts

Schedule your furnace repair, furnace tune up, or a new energy efficient heating system installation. We offer 24 hr emergency service, flexible scheduling, and a fast response time to restore the comfort in your home as fast as possible.
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Cooling Services

A broken ac system can be extremely uncomfortable, Our trained technicians can restore your ac system to perform like new, we service all mfgs.

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Schedule your ac repair, ac tune up, or a new energy efficient cooling system installation. We offer 24 hr emergency repair service, flexible scheduling and a fast response time to restore your comfort as fast as possible
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Air Quality Services

We offer many products that can improve your home's indoor air quality by removing dust, allergens, viruses, smoke, and Harmful bacteria from your duct system.

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We offer many different products to improve your homes indoor air quality including Humidifiers, Air Purification systems, UV Lights, and Media Filter Cabinets
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Heating Repair in Westmorland County

Fast Affordable Furnace Repair 

The last thing you want when temperatures drop outside is for your furnace to stop working. Whether you are experiencing a total lack of heat or an odd rumbling coming from your system, turn to The Heating and Air Conditioning Experts. We are a team of skilled and highly trained technicians with over a decade of experience solving even the most complex furnace issues. Our qualified team offers homeowners throughout Westmorland, Allegheny counties and surrounding areas the ultimate peace of mind by performing every heating repair with the utmost care and attention to detail. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure you are never left out in the cold. 

Our furnace repair process is second to none, keeping you informed every step of the way to ensure you are never left in the dark about your furnace. Once our technicians pinpoint the problem, we quickly fix it and then test the system to guarantee there are no other lingering issues. If we find that your furnace cannot be fixed through repairs, we can walk you through the replacement process and options and even offer honest recommendations on how to prevent further wear and tear with our annual maintenance solutions. No matter what type of furnace issue you encounter, turn to The Heating and Air Conditioning Experts the furnace repair specialists. 

Here Are Some Symptoms That You May Need To Call For Heating Furnace Repair 

Symptom 1: Short cycling

When your furnace runs for only short periods (less than three minutes) before shutting off, the problem is called short cycling. This happens when the thermostat is out of adjustment or when the heat exchanger overheats and the burner automatically shuts off to prevent damage.

Symptom 2: Irregular flame

Properly functioning burners have fairly even rows of flames. If the flames are uneven or lean toward the back of the furnace, call in a pro. It could be a sign of dirty burners or a cracked heat exchanger.

Symptom 3: Odd noises or rumbling

While rumbling and popping aren’t cause for concern in a hot water or steam heating system, they shouldn’t be present if you have forced-air heat.

Symptom 4: Chronic illness

Frequent headaches or flu-like symptoms can be a sign of combustion gases leaking from a cracked heat exchanger or carbon monoxide leaking from an exhaust stack. With these symptoms, have your heating system checked out even if your carbon monoxide alarm remains silent.

Symptom 5: Soot deposits

Soot is a fine black powder that collects when combustion is incomplete. Its presence may indicate that your burners need adjusting or that you have a cracked heat exchanger that needs replacing.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Install a carbon monoxide alarm on each floor. If you already have these alarms, test them. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas sometimes produced by oil-, gas- and wood-burning appliances (furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, etc.). If this gas spills into your home in high enough concentrations, it can be fatal. Plug carbon monoxide alarms into electrical outlets or directly wire them to the electrical system. Do not install them in utility rooms, garages, kitchens or bathrooms.

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